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How Lutherans Worship

The words and actions through which Lutherans worship God are many and varied. Representing a variety of ethnic groups and patterns of piety, Lutheran congregations are seldom identical in the way they worship. Still, for most Lutherans, certain facts hold true:

  • Lutheran worship is liturgical, following a common order of service adopted by the church.
  • Lutheran worship is biblical. It has roots in the life of the Old Testament people and of the New Testament Church. It uses the language of Scripture and celebrates the biblical message.
  • Lutheran worship employs the historic heritage of Christian worship as it has developed over 20 centuries.
  • In the spirit of the Reformation, Lutherans worship in the contemporary language of the people. Lay persons as well as the clergy, participate in appropriate leadership roles.
  • Lutheran worship employs the arts ñ musical and visual ñ as gifts from God to be used to his glory and for the instruction of people.